Thrive Strategy Workshop

About Thrive Strategy Workshop

This workshop is aimed at creating business strategy and road mapping awareness across all sectors of business. We use a learn by doing approach in our workshops where business owners and / or business strategists spend time creating a roadmap for their businesses, products or services.

The Thrive Strategy Workshop holds just one day on Saturday, 4th August at 9:00am, so don't miss this opportunity. To register: Send Business Name and Business Type to 07017540595 and follow the instructions carefully.

We intend on doing a post workshop follow up on selected businesses. This post workshop follow up will include implementation and advisory support from the Thrive team! Terms and conditions apply!

Download the brochure below for further details and information


For this first edition, our participants, with our help, will:

Business Model

Generate a business, products
or services business model.

Consumer Segmentation

Develope a consumer segmentation
matrix to categorize consumers

Strategic Partnership

Develope a strategic partnership
roadmap for their business

Strategy Alignment

Develope and align their
business and ICT strategies

Benefits of Strategy Workshop

The service helped businesses to achieve your full potential by identifying your barriers to growth and provided tailored support to fit you. kindly find the below advantages of this service.

  • Discover new revenue streams and untapped business potential
  • Understand who your target market is and how to approach them
  • Set good business roadmaps and relationship foundations
  • Get the best between business and ICT strategies and tools
  • Implement digital marketing to gain a competitive advantage
  • Improve knowledge on legal considerations about business and partners

Strategy Workshop Targets


For the entrepreneurs that have a vision and an idea but do not know how to actualize this vision and idea, this workshop will help you achieve this by generating a business model for your idea—what revenue streams can this idea generate and who, really, are my target audience.

Business Owners

Business Strategists / Developers