Summer Programme 2018

Summer Programme 2018

About this summer programme!

This summer programme is organized for young and creative minds between the ages of 10 and 18. It is aimed at creating a new hub of young, skilled and innovative teenage generation that can easily begin a career in any of the courses we offer in this programme.

The Thrive summer 2018 program holds for the duration of 3 weeks; from the 6th to 24th of August. The sessions will hold Mondays through Fridays; that’s a total of 15 sessions, and the time, 9am – 2pm.

Every Friday, from 12pm, we’ve lined up a variety of games* and fun sessions for our participants to engage in. Games will be determined by both the Thrive team and registered participants!

This summer programme is not all fun, and is certainly not all work! It gives you the perfect blend of both worlds as we would solve real-time case problems that'll be picked by both our students and teachers.

For each summer program edition, the Thrive team picks a potential product for the participants to create. This year, our participants will create a taxi fare calculator. All products created during the Thrive summer programs are well thought out and validated ideas, which we believe can be develop into a fully marketable product. All participants will receive a dividend of every product return as agreed upon before the beginning of each summer program edition.

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Our Amazing Courses

Website Design & Development

Our web design and development course involves our students getting trained in using fundamental programming languages like HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. The objectives of this course are for the students to be able to make a static, dynamic and responsive website on their own and up to standard.

Your task, as part of the web development team, is to create a business website / web page that will be used specifically to advertise, promote and sell the taxi fare calculator.

The contents of this website / webpage will be but not limited to: • Information about our product   • User reviews and ratings   • A promotional video created by the graphics / animation team   • Shareable link of our product to all social media platforms.

App Development

Our App development course involves our students getting trained in software programming languages such as Java, C#, PHP etc. The objectives of this course are for the students to be able to develop a sellable application that comply with the various app stores and up to standard for desktop, web-based and mobile devices. We’ll teach you how to use APIs within your application.

Your task, as part of the app development team, is to develop the taxi fare calculator from scratch to a well-developed stage, taking into consideration all critical success factors involved in developing a successful application.

Your product must be professional, scalable, durable and agile. You will be taught the basics of User Interface designing.

Graphics Design & Animation

Our graphics / animation course involves our students getting trained in design softwares like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator to create logos, posters, graphic designs and animated objects and videos.

Your task, as part of the graphics / animation team, is to design posters, a logo, social media platform customized designs, two storyboards and one animated video. These would be used to market, advertise and promote the taxi fare calculator both offline and online.

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