Our Educational and Training Arm


What is Thrive?

Thrive is the educational and training arm of Ya'ats Advisory Services.

As part of our vision to improve customer satisfaction and a culture centered around human resources, as a customer, Thrive aims to develop the nation's human resource through productive seminars, workshops and trainings across Nigeria.

What sets us apart is the vision we have for every training seminar or workshop to provide something tangible to the trainees at the end of each training seminar or workshop.

Thrive seeks to be part of the human resource development in Nigeria at all levels - child, youth and adult levels.


Thrive Calabar is hosting the programs below

Summer Programme 2018

Summer Programme 2018

The Thrive summer programs are aimed at creating awareness in capacity building, career development, and impact creation & sustenance for the teenage / youth demographics of Nigeria. Our vision is to see the younger generation be more productive wherever they find themselves—using ICT in Business to emerge as society change agents!   Learn more

Thrive Strategy Workshop

Strategy Workshop

Looking for new revenue streams, new products and services, or you just know that there’s more you can achieve with your existing business, product or service? The Thrive Strategy Workshop is a perfect fit for you, and you, for it!   Learn more